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    small, friendly orb


Green Tea Mochi Ice cream


    Green Tea Mochi Ice cream

    not a fan of how uneven these markers are >:/ let’s also pretend i didnt forget her freckles

    not a fan of how uneven these markers are >:/ let’s also pretend i didnt forget her freckles

    a cheaper option than copic markers is Prismacolor, they’re about 2/3 the price and they work really well. you should be able to find them at any local art supply store in great variety, and michaels to a limited extent

    i actually have a bunch of prismacolor and they work great :^0 but the set i got doesn’t have much in the way of skintones, maybe I will look for some tho !! these other markers were just cheapies i picked up @ walmart so i should’ve known what to expect haha

    these skintone markers i bought are Bad bc they leave lines!! everywhere @_@ i just wanted some more skintones ghgh

    also this glass deer w/hollow marimo belly



    i went to cedar point yesterday and there were so many cool people there but this man right here held a special place in my heart


    Willow Creek Jasper


    So apparently there was a rumor a while back that cr1tikal works as a substitute teacher.

    Could you imagine just sitting in class, waiting for your teacher, when all of a sudden you hear

    "What’s up everybody it’s Cr1tikal. Today I’m substituting Applied Chemistry, let’s do this shit,"

    gender of the day: weird orb getting crushed by nicki minaj

    why am i in a good mood despite sleeping for literally only two hours this is a mystery 

    I will tell you a story,” Schmendrick said. “As a child I was apprenticed to the mightiest magician of all, the great Nikos, whom I have spoken of before. But even Nikos, who could turn cats into cattle, snowflakes into snowdrops, and unicorns into men, could not change me into so much as a carnival cardsharp. At last he said to me, ‘My son, your ineptitude is so vast, your incompetence so profound, that I am certain you are inhabited by greater power than I have ever known. Unfortunately, it seems to work backwards at the moment, and even I can find no way to set it right. It must be that you are meant to find your own way to reach your power in time; but frankly, you should live so long as that will take you. Therefore I grant it that you shall not age from this day forth, but will travel the world round and round, eternally inefficient, until at last you come to yourself and know what you are. Don’t thank me. I tremble at your doom.

    The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle (via devilishkurumi)